Hey there, I'm Chris

     found photography as a passion in my high school years. Photography allowed me the freedom to express myself through my camera. 
I took on photo assignments from family and friends during my college years, and word spread quickly. Soon, I was at the end of an aisle with a bride coming at me. I must have taken over 50 photos of that moment and still remember it well.
That first wedding was over 15 years ago, and I have photographed over 1800 brides coming down the aisle. Owned over 20 cameras and looking at some new gear daily.
Running my own business has allowed me to be home for my family, I have been able to enjoy many dance classes, recitals and of course Sephora and sporting events. 
Family is so important, it’s who you will be celebrating your love with on your wedding day. Another reason I love my job.

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Attention to detail

From the engagement shoot to the wedding day you deserve our full attention to your wedding day details. Once you book the date with us we will prepare your shot lists, timeline, and help you with planning, and even vendor referrals. 
All of our resources are available for you., we want your wedding day to be amazing.!

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