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How to Select Your Wedding Photographer

Naturally, you’ll never forget the day you said, “I do!” to your soulmate. You’ll cherish those memories in your heart forever, but having a visual keepsake is important too. You’ll want to share those joyful moments with everyone, as well as pass it down to future generations as part of your enduring love story. And for that, you’ll need a photographer. Sure, anyone can buy a camera, point, and shoot, but for your wedding day you want the best. With so many out there, how do you find one? Read on for tips on how to select the wedding photographer who is right for you.

Tips for Selecting The Best Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

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Set Your Wedding Budget

First and foremost, you and your spouse to be should decide on how much money you both want to put into this celebration. Setting a budget will help ensure you don’t overspend. There’s no need to start off your life together in debt. Are you concerned about the budget, remember the only thing you will have to remember after the wedding is your photo album and videos.

After you pin down your ideal date, it’s time to book the ideal setting. The venue is typically the first and largest expense. With that out of the way, you’ll know how much you have left to spend on vendors. Create a list of priorities and divvy up the cost accordingly.

Wedding photographers in the NY tristate area usually cost between $2000 – $8000, although some high end artists may charge even more. Many variables make up these prices. Some photographers charge based on experience, others charge based on equipment. Also, your needs will factor into it. Do you need one photographer, or multiple ones? Do you want a videographer as well?

Make sure to create a list of things you absolutely need, as well as a list of things you’d like if possible. This will help you to better communicate with the wedding photographer you ultimately select.

Research Photo Style

Searching Google and using wedding inspiration boards that you love will be helpful when searching for ideas. You will be able to compare photography styles and you can narrow search results by price too. Make sure to read the reviews to get a feel of what your experience might be like.

Lastly, look up popular wedding photography hashtags and peruse Instagram and Facebook. It’s a great way to not only find photographers in your area, but to also get inspiration for the kinds of shots you want. Make sure to save the ones you love to create a vision board either on your personal computer, your phone, or Pinterest. These can later be shared with your selected wedding photographer. Together you can work on a shotlist to ensure you get the photos you want.

Meet Up and Chat

After you find a photographer you may be interested in, contact them to set up a meeting or call. A benefit to meeting in person is to get a feel for their personality.

When meeting with potential photographers ask to see an album or gallery of a full wedding day. You will want to see quality images and creativity from start to finish. Ask how many photos are taken during the day and if there are any additional costs. Album sizes and styles vary so double check the album style you love is included in the package.

Some photographers offer added value when booking. Maybe a package price with a percentage off if you do both the photo and video services together? Or possibly an engagement session can be added in at a discounted rate?

An engagement session is a great way to get a feel for their shooting style. Don’t be afraid to ask about what discounts or additions they can do. A good photographer will be happy to work with you to deliver a package you’ll love.

Ready to Select Your Wedding Photographer?

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If the budget works, the pictures are your style, the package looks good and you’re comfortable with the photography team then it’s time to sign up. Wedding vendors will need a deposit to hold the date for you, so get the contract and deposit ready to go. Make sure to give them your wedding timeline closer to your wedding date. Then all you have to do is smile, knowing you’ve got the best working for you!

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How To Select Your Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

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