First Look Photo Sessions on your Wedding Day

April 7, 2017

As your wedding day approaches you will discuss many different plans and ideas. You will read stories and opinions about how a first look should be done. Pinterest has many images on the subject and so do we.

First off think about the people you want to include, bridal party? family? or would you prefer the moment to be only shared together. Many times the stress involved with preparations add to the anxiety. This moment should be about the two of you and the moment at hand. Your wedding day! You dreamed about it as a child and it has finally come.

Tears will flow and memories will be made. Most couples have a card to read and a gift at times too. Here are some photos we have recently captured during the first look. As the director of the moment the photographer arranges the angles and best location for the moment to unfold. Christopher’s Studio likes to create interesting angles and make it creative and special. The bridal presentation makes for some amazing shots when family are watching too.

As we click away we give you both direction so we capture the expressions as they happen. It is truly a magical moment!

A - First-Look-Photo-at-Falkirk-Estate First-Look-at-Harvest-on-Hudson-NY copy 2 a First Look Photograph

Such a great photo shoot in Central Park with Sarah. We captured so many amazing shots and many are still being edited. Love this one.

Wedding Photographer in NY

Do we need two Photographers for our wedding day?

April 5, 2017

Many couples visit and explain the need for two photographers and the reason is usually the amount of people invited or they want ‘more’ pictures.

As a photographer telling the story of your wedding day I will want to capture many beautiful images of the love story you have in your heart. Having two photographers will allow us to tell the whole story.

One photographer will capture the must have shots and the other one will find detailed emotional shots happening at that same moment… Mom crying, a sister laughing… a special hug. Your family and friends have been with you and seen your love grow and are a great part of the story and how it unfolds. Having two shooters is a must in our opinion.





March 27, 2017


Black and White images are so beautiful for a wedding day.



These are some really great limo shots we captured as the bride was waiting for guests to enter church. The wedding ceremony was held in Rye NY and the day was just amazing. Christopher’s Photography Studio captured some amazing images.

Wedding day photography and video coverage can get a little tricky in the snow but we have it mastered. The New York Country Club was the home to these great images captured by Pearl River photographer Christopher’s Studio. Matthew and Kimberly loved the snow covered lawn and we captured some great images.

January 16, 2017


NYCC-Wedding-PhotographerRockland County Wedding Photographer


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