Pet friendly engagement photos in the Hudson Valley, NY

5 Great Ideas For Pet Friendly Engagement Photos Around The Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley engaged couple posing with pet dog.

Pet Friendly Engagement Photos Around The Hudson Valley

Because your pet has such an important place in your heart, why not include them in your engagement session? Not only will this creative idea allow you to show off your beloved pet, but it will also make your engagement photos unique! Here are 5 great ideas for pet friendly engagement photos around the Hudson Valley, NY.

Find Your Pet Friendly Engagement Photo Location

Location is a very important factor in making your photos work. Make sure your dream photo location allows pets on their grounds. You should also make sure that your pet will be comfortable in that environment. If you furry-friend is easily distracted, it may be a good idea to choose a quiet environment. 

Accessorize Your Pet

Accessories will make your photos even more fun! Some ideas for your pets wardrobe are bow ties, sweaters, a sign around the neck, (save the date, names, etc.). If you accessorize, make sure it complements what you are wearing. 

Find A Pet Friendly Photographer

It is very important for you to hire a photographer that can do pet friendly engagement photos around the Hudson Valley. Ask the photographer if they like pets. If they do not, the photographer may not be a good match. A good way to see if a photographer likes pets is by viewing their photos and seeing if pets are present in them. 

Behind the Scenes Care

In addition to photos with your pet, you will want some photos of just you and your soon to be spouse! It will be a good idea to have a friend or family member on sight to take care of and hold your pet when the couple shots are done. This person will also be able to get your pets attention, hold treats, and help keep things together.

Patience & Positivity

You will need to be patient with your pet. They probably never had a professional photo shoot before. They will not be as prepared as you. Make sure you stay positive through the experience. Don’t forget the treats! 

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