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15 Hudson Valley Engagement Shoot Locations You Will Love!

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Below, I put together a list of 15 Hudson Valley Engagement Shoot Locations for you to select from. Couples we have photographed in the past always sought after a particular location style for the shoot. Rustic, Waterfront, Small Town, Park Like, Industrial and Architectural Vibes are all styles you will see in the list.

These 15 Hudson Valley Engagement Shoot Locations Were Made For Your Engagement Shoot

Once you have planned your engagement shoot and are ready to book the session, look through this great list of engagement shoot locations. I added photos we took at each location so you can get an idea of the style. Visit our Engagement Shoot Style Guide to see more details on how to prepare for your session.

Skyland Manor / NJ Botanical Garden – Ringwood, NJ

New Jersey Botanical Garden – 2 Morris Rd, Ringwood, NJ

Parking: on-site lots | Permit Needed: No | Fee: No | Pets: Yes | Style: Architectural, Park Like

Skyland Manor Engagement Photo Sessions

Back in the 1920’s Clarence MacKenzie Lewis, a stockbroker and civil engineer from NYC, had this manor house built and designed by John Russell Pope. The property even had a 9 hole golf course.

The Estate was purchased by the State of New Jersey in 1966 to form the botanical garden that is today.

As we walk the grounds during the engagement shoot, we will see the property boasts a Lilac Garden, Magnolia Walk, Wild Flower Garden, Crab Apple Vista and a Perennial Garden. We may not see all of these great plantings in bloom during our session.

As you see in the photos above, the most popular locations for photos is near the Mansion, the beautiful architecture provides a beautiful background in any season.

Piermont Marsh – Piermont Pier – Piermont, NY

Flywheel Park – 200 Ash St, Piermont, NY

Parking: on-site lots | Permit Needed: No | Fee: No | Pets: Welcome | Style: Rustic, Small Town

Engaged Couple Showing Engagement Ring
Piermont Marsh – Engagement Photos
Newly Engaged Couples Taking Photos
Piermont, Ny – Town Center Engagement Photos

On the list of 15 Hudson Valley Engagement Shoot Locations for its versatility.

The Piermont Marsh is the location from the Sparkill Creek that feeds into the Hudson River, it is a small area that is quite popular to visit. The town of Piermont is a rustic waterfront town on the Hudson River. It is home to many great restaurants and catering venues.

In addition, over 20 movies and TV shows have been filmed in Piermont, it is a romantic small town that is a great fit for your Hudson Valley Engagement Session. If you like rustic, small towns… this is it.

Rockwood Park – Pleasantville, NY

Phelps Way, Pleasantville, NY

Fee: No | Parking: Yes, Small Lot | Pets: Welcome | Style: Park Like

Engaged Couple In Hudson Valley Walking A Dog
Hudson Valley Couple Taking Photos At Park

Rockwood Hall is a great location, and on the list for 15 Hudson Valley Engagement Shoot Locations for many reasons. The location is easy to get to, couples love the feel and the lighting is usually perfect.

This location is filled with history and is located on the Hudson River, in Pleasantville, NY.

William Rockefeller, built Rockwood Hall in the mid 1800’s and built a mansion with 204 rooms on it. Following Rockefeller’s death in 1922, the property was acquired by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., William’s nephew. The mansion is no longer there but the foundation, roads, trees, and the great view of the Hudson River remains.

The Rockefeller family donated Rockwood Hall to NYS in 1999, and it is part of the Rockefeller State Park Preserve. It is a great location for hiking, and of course picture taking. We can stroll through history create new memories at this park of the past.

Also, don’t confuse Rockwood Hall with the Rockefeller State Park in your maps location. This site is next to Phelps Memorial Hospital, a small path leads to the great views of the Hudson River and you will likely see couples, dog walkers and many others entering a small path in the woods.

Central Park Mall/Bethesda Fountain NYC – NY., NY.

Enter at: East 72nd Street, New York, NY

Fee: No | Pets: Yes, Leashed | Parking: Street, Lot Nearby | Style: Park Like, Architectural

Newly Engaged Couple Showing Engagement Ring

When taking engagement photos in the park we meet at The Bethesda Fountain and capture photos around the fountain, arches, and gardens nearby. Once we get moving on foot, The Central Park Boathouse is just a few steps a way, and also makes for a great background for photos.

The Central Park Mall runs through the middle of the Park from 66th to 72nd street and leads to the Bethesda Fountain. The Terrace Bridge and the Olmsted Flower Bed are just a short walk from the fountain.

The Mall is known as a gathering place, skateboarders, rollerbladers, street performers, and watchers are all present in The Mall and surrounding areas.

A last stop on our Central Park Engagement Photo Walk would be the clamshell, a stage for plays and musical performances. The architecture is great for photos as well. The nearby tree line of Elms create a magnificent background of light and nature for these photos.

Brooklyn Bridge Park- Brooklyn, NY

334 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY

Parking: On Street | Fee: No | Permit: No | Pets: Yes | Style: Architectural, Industrial

Engaged Couple Walking To Store In Dumbo Brooklyn
Brooklyn Bridge Park Wedding Proposal

The Brooklyn Bridge is a great attraction for your engagement photos for many reasons. The bridge itself is a great attraction and famous for many reasons. It was the first suspension bridge to use steel for its wires, when it was built, it was the longest suspension bridge by far at 3,460 feet.

Today, it is a popular attraction for many reasons. The Brooklyn Bridge Park is a home to a great NYC skyline, Jane’s carousel, and a beautifully refurbished market area that is a great background, as seen above.

With a short walk, you will find the DUMBO section of Brooklyn and the famous background with the Manhattan Bridge between the buildings. People line up at sunrise for the famous photo op. We do early morning photo shoots if you would like to capture the sunrise.

Garner Arts Center – Garnerville, NY

55 W Railroad Ave, Garnerville, NY

Parking: Yes | Fee: No | Permit: No | Pets: Yes | Style: Rustic, Industrial

Couple Photos At The Industrial Arts Center

Beginning as a 1760’s grist mill, the Garner Arts Center has a long history of creativity. Today it is home to many different industrial artists and tradesmen.

As an old factory location, it has been rented to artists and creatives of all kinds. While taking photos there you will hear sounds of machinery, metal grinding, motors churning and all sounds of creativity.

Camera clicks and posing tips are the tools we bring to the center when we go. String lights and brick walls are what sets this location apart for your typical Hudson Valley Engagement Shoot location.

If you time your photo shoot for an evening out afterwards you can stay nearby for a meal and refreshments.

Kingsland Point Park – Tarrytown, NY

Tarrytown Light-Kingsland Point Path, Sleepy Hollow, NY

Parking: Yes | Fee: $5 or $10 if non-resident | Permit: No | Pets: Yes | Style: Park Like, Waterfront

Tarrytown Mural Wall Photos With Couple

Kingsland Point Park is beautiful and one of the top on the list for your 15 Hudson Valley Engagement Shoot Locations, an 18-acre park located on the eastern shore of the Hudson River at the mouth of the Pocantico River.

Kingsland Point Park was one of the first parks developed by the Westchester County Parks Commission and it is fabulous. Located on the waterfront, it has amazing river views and the Tarrytown Lighthouse is just steps away.

The mural wall located on the site is a boundary for the beautiful townhouse community being built there. Local students and organizations have made artwork for us all to enjoy.

Untermyer Park – Yonkers, NY

945 North Broadway Yonkers, NY.

Parking: Yes | Fee: Yes | Pets: No | Permit: Yes | Style: Architectural, Park Like

Couple Photo Shoot At Untermyer Park

The Untermyer Gardens Conservancy, and the City of Yonkers, have recently restored a large portion of Untermyer Park. It looks even more gorgeous than before.
Located on a 43-acre garden setting, overlooking the Hudson River, it is a must see. Admission to the garden, a park owned by the City of Yonkers, is free of charge.

However, photo permits are required and a fee is needed for an hour long escorted photo session on the grounds.

You can visit website for Untermyer Park to learn more

Hoboken Waterfront Park – Hoboken, NJ

Sinatra Dr, Hoboken, NJ

Parking: Street, Paid Lot | Permit: No | Pets: Yes | Fee: No | Style: Waterfront, Small Town

NYC Skyline Background of Couple Newly Engaged

Hoboken, NJ – City Streets

100 Sinatra Dr, Hoboken, NJ

With such a beautiful NYC Skyline behind you, this park is the beginning of any Hudson Valley Engagement Shoot opportunity.

Pier A Park, and others, along The Hoboken Walkway offer the opportunity to enjoy some of the best NYC views along the Hudson. Anytime of day is a great time to visit Hoboken Park for your photo shoot.

Engaged Couple Walking in Hoboken, NJ

After some great skyline photos, we can venture out to the city streets of Hoboken. Cobblestone streets and alleyways make for some great backgrounds and textures. You can use these photos for some great save the date cards and guest signature books.

Lyndhurst Mansion – Tarrytown, NY

635 S Broadway, Tarrytown, NY

Permit: Yes | Fee: Yes | Parking: On Site | Pets: On Leash | Style: Park Like, Architectural

Couple Having Engagement Photos Taken In Westchester

Lyndhurst Mansion is a great visit for your engagement session, with multiple attractions for you and your Hudson Valley Engagement Shoot.

Its architectural beauty is first seen as you travel down the drive on to the property. This beauty is complimented by a park-like landscape that is sought after and presented in movies, commercials and many documentaries. We love the location and love visiting for engagement photo sessions.

A permit, and payment is needed to photograph on the grounds. This info can be found online.

Rye Playland Beach – Rye, NY

95 Dearborn Avenue Rye, NY

Parking: Paid | Permit: No | Fee: No | Pets: Yes | Style: Waterfront, Park Like

Rye Beach and Playland area have so many great locations to use for your engagement session.

The park and Playland are located on the Long Island Sound, if you love a waterfront background, this is a great location for your session.

We have access to the beach, nature trails, and of course the Playland Amusement Park if you pay to get in the gate.

NY Botanical Gardens – Bronx, NY

2900 Southern Blvd., Bronx, New York

Permit: Unsure | Fee: Entrance Fee | Parking: Yes | Pets: No | Style: Park Like, Architectural

Newly Engaged Couple Photography at NYBG

The NYBG is such a lovely location for you photo shoot. If you love flowers and the outdoors, this place is for you.

Upon arrival, we meet inside the gate. A tram car will take us around the property and we can get off at some of the favorite attractions.

The Conservatory is a beautiful location and the Rose Garden is another. The NYBG has many attractions throughout the year and scheduling your shoot to see one of them after the session is suggested.

Visit the site to see what attractions are coming up.

Glen Island Park – New Rochelle, NY

Weyman Avenue, New Rochelle, NY.

Parking: Yes | Permit: No | Fee: Seasonal | Pets: Yes | Style: Waterfront

Newly Engaged Couple Poses For Photos With Vintage Car

Another Long Island Sound Waterfront Park, Glen Island Park is conveniently located and a popular park to visit in the summer months.

There is an old stone castle structure on site and it is said to have been built as a beer garden and restaurant for the resort that used to be on the site during the early 1920’s.

This location is great for wedding and engagement photos and we have done plenty of both on the grounds. The boat dock is extremely romantic at sunset, there is also a draw bridge to pass over to get on the island.

Bear Mountain Park – Bear Mountain, NY

Route 9W North, Bear Mountain, NY

Pets: Yes | Permit: No | Parking: Yes | Fee: $10 Seasonal Parking | Style: Rustic, Park Like

Bear Mountain is in the northern Hudson Valley area, and about 45 minutes from the Mario Cuomo Bridge. As you travel north you will notice the trees get greener, and in the fall beautiful orange/ red.

The next bridge north on the Hudson River is the Bear Mountain Bridge, this can be seen from many points around Bear Mountain.

Hessian Lake, behind the Bear Mountain Inn, is a location that always delivers, there is a walking trail around the lake that we travel during the shoot. The Bear Mountain Inn is a wonderful location for weddings and is another backdrop we like to use for photos. The rustic style and the stone work from years past is remarkable.

If you like hiking, bring some boots or sneakers, we can find ourselves in some rocky terrain pretty quick.

Seasonal activities would include ice skating and in warmer months, the carousel is open for visitors.

Beach Front Engagement Shoot Locations

Style: Waterfront

From the New Jersey Shore to Connecticut we know beach front spots that are great for your engagement session.

Asbury Park, NJ., Greenwich, CT. all have some great beaches to photograph on. If you got engaged on one of those beaches, maybe it is a good location for your shoot?

15 Hudson Valley Engagement Shoot Locations You Are Going To Love

This is a great post about photo shoot locations. We have many more in mind and can help you when you are ready. Also, click below on other topics that interest you.

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