Wedding Day Emergency Kit List

Wedding Day Emergency Kit List of items to collect a week before the wedding.
Wedding Day Emergency Kit User – Happy Bride

Emergency Kit List

With over 15 years experience and over 2000 weddings and events in the books we have seen our share of what if’s… and OMG! However, if you go over this Wedding Day Emergency Kit List and prepare yourself, everything will be okay.

We love to share tips, and during the wedding planning process we always share our ideas with our couples when we can.

Here is a list of great ideas and items you should put together about a week before the wedding day.

  • Heel Stoppers – At some point you may be asked to walk on the grass, probably for pictures. Have a pair for each pair of heels involved. 
  • Tide Stick –  Let’s keep that dress white and clean. Getting in and out of the limo, walking on the grass and many other moments may cause a stain. 
  • Sewing Kit – Buttons pop off, a seam splits and even a strap may come undone. Having the needle and thread will be a lifesaver.
  • Tissues – Those vow’s can be emotional!
  • Hair Spray – You may need to get a quick fix on a windy day. Having some spray will keep the fly away hairs in check during the photo shoot. 
  • Lint Roller – Obvious reasons.
  • Blotting Paper – We can’t always take the shine away in photo shop so blotting papers can freshen up the face with out ruining the makeup.
  • Pocket Size First Aid Kit – Always good to be prepared.
  • Super Glue – Fix a bouquet, place card display or whatever may need a fix.
  • White Chalk – This is to brighten any spots the Tide Stick could not fix.
  • Eye Drops – Clear white eyes will be glowing in the photos. After an emotional speech or after the vows your eyes may look red from tearing up.
  • Phone Charger – Just in case you need to reach that vendor or take a selfie. 
  • Deodorant & Personal Items – The day can be long and you will need to freshen up from time to time. 
  • The Vendor Book – Bring your list of vendors and contact names and info in case someone needs to make a call or contact the officiant. Good information to have nearby. 
  • and LASTLY – THE RINGS! 

On any photo shoot we would suggest you bring the items in you wedding day emergency kit list with you. Your engagement shoot may bring you to photo locations that may be dirty, wet, and amazing, but well worth it for amazing photos.