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The Best Wedding Venues in Fairfield County CT To Celebrate Your Love!

Fairfield County Wedding Ceremony

If you plan to marry in Connecticut, there are many wedding venues in Fairfield County to choose from. Fairfield CT. offers a variety of options for wedding venues, services, and resources. We put together some general information about weddings in Fairfield County:

Fairfield County boasts a diverse range of wedding venues, including elegant mansions, waterfront locations, historic sites, country clubs, hotels, and charming barns. These venues can accommodate both indoor and outdoor weddings, providing beautiful settings for ceremonies and receptions.

To get married in Fairfield County, you need to obtain a marriage license from the town or city clerk’s office. Both parties must appear in person with proper identification and complete the necessary paperwork. It’s advisable to check the specific requirements of the town or city where you plan to get married.

Fairfield County has numerous attractions that can enhance your wedding experience. These include beautiful parks, picturesque beaches, museums, historical sites, golf courses, and shopping destinations. You and your guests can enjoy exploring the area before or after the wedding.

Wedding Venues in Fairfield County CT

It’s always recommended to plan and book well in advance to secure your desired wedding date and ensure a smooth and memorable experience for everyone involved.

1. The Burr Homestead

The Burr Homestead is a historic mansion featuring elegant rooms and beautiful gardens, perfect for a classic wedding.


2. The Inn at Longshore

Set along the Long Island Sound, The Inn at Longshore offers stunning waterfront views and a charming atmosphere for your special day.


3. The Loading Dock

The Loading Dock is a unique industrial-style venue with exposed brick walls and spacious indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a stylish and contemporary setting.

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4. The Lace Factory

Located in a renovated factory building, The Lace Factory combines rustic charm with modern amenities, providing a distinctive and romantic venue for your wedding.


5. The Waveny House

The Waveny House is a beautiful mansion surrounded by scenic gardens and parkland, providing an elegant and timeless backdrop for your wedding celebration.


6. The Stamford Yacht Club

With its waterfront location and panoramic views, the Stamford Yacht Club offers a stunning setting for a nautical-themed wedding, complete with exceptional service and amenities.


7. The Palace Theatre | Wedding Venues in Fairfield County

The Palace Theatre is a historic venue with grand architecture and a stage, providing an enchanting atmosphere for a glamorous wedding or reception.


8. The Tarrywile Mansion

Surrounded by scenic parkland, The Tarrywile Mansion is a charming historic estate offering indoor and outdoor spaces for a romantic and intimate wedding.


9. The Country Club of Darien

The Country Club of Darien features a classic clubhouse, an 18-hole golf course, and beautiful landscapes, providing an elegant and sophisticated venue for your wedding day.


10. The Candlewood Inn

Located on the shores of Candlewood Lake, The Candlewood Inn offers breathtaking lake views, elegant ballrooms, and outdoor spaces, making it a picturesque venue for a waterfront wedding.


11. The Lockwood-Mathews Mansion

The Lockwood-Mathews Mansion is a magnificent Victorian-era mansion featuring ornate details, grand rooms, and lush grounds, offering a truly opulent setting for your wedding.


12. The Rolling Hills Country Club

The Rolling Hills Country Club offers a picturesque golf course, elegant ballrooms, and scenic views, creating a refined and tranquil environment for your wedding celebration.


13. The Inn at GrayBarns

Situated in a historic barn, The Inn at GrayBarns combines rustic charm with modern luxury, offering a unique and intimate venue for your wedding, complete with beautiful landscapes and exceptional cuisine.


14. The Patterson Club

The Patterson Club is an upscale private club featuring a stunning clubhouse, manicured golf course, and elegant event spaces, ideal for a sophisticated and memorable wedding.


15. The Silver Spring Country Club

The Silver Spring Country Club offers a pristine golf course, elegant ballrooms, and scenic views, providing a sophisticated and picturesque setting for your wedding day.


16. The Ethan Allen Hotel

The Ethan Allen Hotel is a contemporary venue with stylish event spaces, modern amenities, and exceptional service, ensuring a memorable and personalized wedding experience.


Please note: It’s always a good idea to visit the websites for more detailed information about each venue, including availability, packages, and contact details.

Wedding Venues in Fairfield County

As you can see, Fairfield County hosts a great variety of wedding venues, as you search for your wedding venue keep in mind your photo and video team.

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