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First Dance Song Playlist – Hudson Valley Weddings TOP 10!

Music is a very important part of your love story. A song will remind you of a moment, a feeling, a touch. You will remember this first dance song for the rest of your lives. Every time you hear it you will remember that moment in time. We put together links to each song for you to watch and listen to.


Your first dance song may capture your love story or set the mood of your wedding day. That perfect song will leave you and your guests with beautiful memories of your special love!

1. At Last – Etta James (Beyoncé Knowles, Adrien Brody, Jeffrey Wright)

This is a classic song, made famous by Etta James, a blues singer, in 1960. It was originally recorded by Glen Miller and his orchestra in 1942. The heartfelt song leaves listeners with feelings of sincere love. You can not go wrong choosing this as your first dance song!

2. All of Me – John Legend

John Legend dedicated this sweet song to his wife, Chrissy Teigen. It is more of an upbeat song compared to some other songs on this list, but is a perfect song to celebrate the love you share with your significant other.

3. A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

This first dance song option is great. Love is everlasting. The song is full of emotion, not only you will feel, but your family and friends will be able to feel too.

4. Perfect- Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran creates songs ready to be played at weddings! This song is a beautiful way to show how much you love your partner. It sets a loving mood to be remembered throughout the evening.

5. Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley

This legendary song by Elvis Presley is great to play at wedding receptions. It is known by everyone and there are so many different versions of it to choose from. You can’t go wrong playing this beautiful song!

6. Marry Me – Train

This song correlates directly with your special day. It is a very romantic love-song that will get you and your guests in a perfect mood to celebrate the love between you and your partner.

7. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

Another song by Ed Sheeran- showing the never-ending love between newlyweds. It is an upbeat song to choose for your first dance song. It will get you and your partner ready to spend the rest of your lives together!

8. You Are The Reason – Calum Scott

This song is a great choice for your first dance song. It shows the devotion between you and your partner, and the light you bring into each others lives. You would do anything for one another and choosing this song would allow you to celebrate this passion!

9. Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur

Say You Won’t Let Go is an awesome song to play for couples that have been through thick and thin together. When life gets tough, your partner will always be there for you. Playing this as your first song will capture the strong partnership between you and your special other.

10. Amazed – Lonestar

Last, but certainly not least, this Lonestar song is another great option as your first dance song. The romantic lyrics and beat set a perfect beginning of the rest of your lives.

You wedding day highlight reel and also include a song or two from this list. You can see some video reels from past wedding on our video page.

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